Resources to Get Started

These resources provide an introduction to Socially Conscious Sheltering and Socially Conscious Animal Communities.

Infographics (PDF)

The infographics below represent the seven different communities who contribute to Socially Conscious Animal Communities (SCAC).  Each infographic shows the different ways that each group can contribute to SCAC.


These presentations were recorded as an introduction to Socially Conscious Animal Communities for different audiences across the country.


Show Your Support

Save and place the badge and statement on your website to let your community know you are a
Socially Conscious Animal Welfare Organization.

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Socially Conscious Sheltering - Tenet Implementation Resources

These are resources to assist with the implementation of each tenet of Socially Conscious Sheltering.

Assess the medical and behavioral needs of homeless animals, and ensure these needs are thoughtfully addressed.

Alleviate suffering and make appropriate euthanasia decisions.